. Our Services

roofing Fire Alarm
Fire alarm systems design, installation, commissioning, supplying, service and maintenance.

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plumbing Fire Suppression
We supply and install various type of fire suppression systems such as gaseous, water based and foam based firefighting system.

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renovations Gas Detection
Supply a wide range of fire and gas detection system such as control panels, flame and gas detectors include their installation and commissioning.

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Firefighting Product
Supplying a wide range of firefighting products such as nozzle, hydrant, fire box, hose reel, portable extinguishers, etc.

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plumbing Safety Product
Supplying safety product such as gloves, helmet, fire hose, etc.

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renovations Fire Door
We manufacture a wide range of fire doors such as Honeycomb Infill Doors, Rock Wood Infill Doors, Fully Glazed Doors, Stainless Steel Doors, Wood Finish Doors.

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. About Us

2 Decades experience
We have an expertise in projects for Fire safety & Security Solutions for various fields and complying with international codes, regulations and standards.
Certified Professionals
Petroyas FZE is staffed with highly skilled Engineers, who have excellent design background on Mechanical and Fire & Gas Engineering System for Commercial/Residential building, oil and gas refineries, petrochemical plants and Power plants.
Fire and Safety Manufacturer

We manufacture and supply a wide range of fire and safety equipment, from entire fire extinguishing systems to manual fire extinguishing devices, fire doors etc.

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