Deluge System


Deluge Valve Water System

Deluge Valve Water System

  • Control & suppress the fire by cooling & separating the fuel from the air (oxygen)

Any water system shall comprise the following sections as a minimum:

  • Reliable water reservoir or network to comply requirement of system for appropriate duration
  • Pump station (if used from water reservoir) to provide required pressure head for proper operation of the system
  • Automatic control valve like deluge valve, alarm check valve, dry alarm valve to control the system’s actuation
  • Interconnecting Piping: valves, pipes, fittings, supports

Application of Water systems:

  • Protection of residential buildings specially high rise towers
  • Protection of hotels & museum
  • Protection of commercial complexes
  • Protection of automobile parking
  • Protection of transformers
  • Protection of fuel storage tanks & process vessels
  • Protection of chemical import/export jetties