Foam System

Foam Deluge System

  • Foam system consists of Deluge value and AFFF foam
  • System shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 16, NFPA 11 & NFPA 3


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System Devices

Deluge Valve

  • 90° pattern or straight through type of valve
  • Inlet & Outlet connections: threaded by threaded, flanged by flanged, flanged by grooved or grooved by grooved resp.
  • UL Listed & FM approved
  • Working pressure of 250 psi

Deluge Release System

  • UL listed/FM approved
  • Release system methods may be:
  • a. Hydraulic release which employs a rate-of-rise release detector, fixed temperature release or fire sprinkler in the release line piping
  • b. Pneumatic pilot release system
  • c. Electric release systems with a release control panel & solenoid valve

Concentrated Controller ‘’Proportioner’’

  • Utilizing balanced-pressure injection
  • UL Listed /FM approved
  • Brass, wafer or threaded type

Foam Bladder Tank

  • Meets ASME pressure vessel requirements
  • UL Listed/FM approved

Concentrate Control Valve

  • UL Listed/FM approved
  • Operating pressure 250 psi (17 bar)

Foam Concentrate piping

  • Compatible with foam concentrates
  • Designed for the least equivalent pipe run from bladder tank discharge outlet to proportionating device & water supply to the water tank

Foam Concentrate

  • Utilizes AFFF (Synthetic Aqueous Film Forming Foam) or AR-AFFF (Alchohol resistant AFFF)
  • UL listed/FM approved

Discharge Devices:

Discharge Devices:

  • Open head sprinklers
  • Tested for min densities or minimum pressures as foam/water solution discharge outlets
  • UL Listed/FM approved

Alarm Pressure Switch

  • Facilitate transmission of alarm during water flow conditions
  • Operates at a pressure increase of 5-7 psi
  • cULus Listed/FM approved

System Overhead Piping

  • Acceptable by NFPA 13 and NFPA 16

System Control Valve

  • Indicating type
  • UL Listed